Sep 28 – Oct 10, 2017

"Ever since I went to Uganda in the summer of 1995, I have had a deep inescapable love for the people of Uganda.” These words were spoken by Shannon Hurley, founder of Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries, more than two decades ago and the ripple effects of this God-instilled love can be tangibly seen in every aspect of their ministry today. Pastoral training, evangelism, and community outreach through the establishment of schools are just a few of the ways that SOS is touching the jungle region of Luweero, two hours north of Kampala.

This fall, EMI will mobilize a design team to come alongside SOS to provide a phased master plan that will help lead their ministries into the future. Come and be a part of this and you may find yourself echoing Shannon's words above.

Project Scope

Idi Amin's reign of terror in the 70's left behind a devastating wake.  Poverty, AIDS, single-parent families and alcoholism are just a few of the dark remnants that gripped Uganda for the decades to follow.  For most of us, this was a story we read about.  But how does one respond when coming face to face with the reality of this overwhelming darkness?  Shannon Hurley was faced with such a question in 1995 on his first visit to Uganda.  The question lingered in Shannon's mind and heart and a few years later an answer came.  In 2002, Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) ministries was established to counter the physical and spiritual poverty Shannon had witnessed firsthand.  SOS's initial outreach was through a Christ-centered orphanage in the outskirts of Kampala.

Over time, the Lord moved on Shannon's heart to focus on strengthening the growing Ugandan church through Biblical training.  In 2009, SOS was relocated to Luweero, two hours north of Kampala, in order to be more centrally located amongst the people and pastors they desired to impact.  This new focus has resulted in national pastoral training conferences, ongoing teaching and discipleship for local church leaders, and the establishment of a Bible college.  Since 2009, the pastoral training ministry has experienced significant growth and more facilities are needed. 

As SOS's pastoral training ministry has grown, so has their land, facilities, and other ministry opportunities.  One of these other ministries was the establishment of a primary school in 2012.  In partnership with Legacy Academy, SOS desired to provide Christ-centered educational opportunities for the local children of Luweero.  The school is flourishing and now in year five is looking to expand into secondary facilities and a larger campus.

With two campuses totaling 150 acres, SOS is ready to make plans for future growth of both their pastoral training and school-related facilities.  SOS has asked EMI to assemble a team to provide a phased master plan for these campuses and ensure that the infrastructure will be in place as they grow through each phase.  Will you help by joining this team and being part of God's heart extending through the ministry of SOS in Uganda?


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