Sep 8-18, 2017

The Episcopal University of Haiti (UNEPH) was founded by the Episcopal Church of Haiti in 1994. It is committed to providing its students both quality training, personal development, and opportunities to serve multiple communities in Haiti. In Léogane, UNEPH already operates their Faculty of Nursing Sciences (FSIL) school and is partnered with Ste Croix de Léogane Hospital (designed by EMI in 2016). Now, they are looking to add a new medical training facility for their Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences adjacent to the nursing school.

Project Scope

Medical Benevolent Foundation (MBF) has partnered with hospitals and nursing schools in developing countries for over 50 years. They have previously partnered with the Episcopal Diocese in Haiti on the Ste Croix de Léogane Hospital and the UNEPH nursing school. Now, they are partnering with the UNEPH again in their vision to develop a medical training facility. Graduating physicians will serve in many underserviced areas of Haiti, increasing the ministry of the Episcopal Church to more adequately reach people in need and share the Gospel.

The land to be used for this campus is adjacent to the existing nursing school. It is currently undeveloped, open pasture and is roughly 6 acres in area.

Please join us in designing this medical training facility that will help provide qualified doctors to serve in Haiti.

— Steve Ulrich, EMI Canada trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Gen. Arch.

to address medical school design

Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering

to assess current electrical and design campus electrical needs

Structural Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled

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