Early February 2018

The Africa Inland Church's Litein Hospital serves the physical and spiritual needs of 600,000 people in western Kenya and they plan to grow in size and in capability in the next several years. In order to accommodate these goals, they have asked EMI to both assess their existing infrastructure and operations and ultimately develop a master plan and conceptual design that they can use to direct their growth for years to come. The assessment was recently completed so this project scope is focused on master planning the expansion of the hospital and improving the current water, wastewater and electrical infrastructur. Please consider joining us in helping the Litein Hospital as they seek to bring physical healing and spiritual nourishment to even more people in their community.

Project Scope

Litein Hospital presently has a 200 bed capacity and provides curative, preventive and promotive health services and spiritual nourishment to a catchment population of up to 600,000 from 6 counties. The hospital also has an affiliated Medical Training Centre that offers training in nursing and laboratory services to over 300 students and serves as an Internship Centre for 16 Medical and Clinical Officers annually.  Litein has a vision to be a preferred Christian Centre of Excellence in Healthcare Provision, Training and Research in the country in order to fulfil their mission to serve their community through provision of high quality, affordable, sustainable and holistic health services.

Litein’s five year strategic plan calls for the hospital to grow into a much larger facility and transitioning from a level four hospital to become a referral hospital with more personnel serving a larger population with increased medical services. EMI’s overall scope for Litein will is being performed over the course of two separate project trip seasons.  In the fall of 2017, our first project team performed an overall hospital facilities assessment to document the existing campus a survey and a REVIT model of the main hospital building.  We also reviewed the existing utilities (water, sewer, electricity) and performed visual structural review of the existing buildings.  In addition, the team began to document the desired departmental changes – including outpatient, accident and emergency, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, inpatient medical, surgery, orthopedics, and administration – for the hospital as well as for the campus as a whole – including residences and schools. 

The goal of this second trip is to use this information, along with further meetings, to develop the facility master plan and conceptual design of select buildings.  There are many areas where the hospital would like to expand their services but they must be implemented in phases as budget allows.  Therefore, the master plan will need to address the phasing of the campus growth.  

The assessment also identified areas where the water, wastewater and electrical systems may be improved.  This team will take the existing system documentation and work to develop solutions that are coordinated with the master planned growth of the campus.

Will you prayerfully consider joining EMI in helping our friends at Litein to plan their course to serve their community with spiritual and physical healing in greater ways?

— Dirk Anderson, EMI USA trip leader


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