Early February 2018

The Windmill Farm Lodge will be a place where members of the Navigators can come for training and discipleship - solving the cost and VISA challenges they have typically encountered for African members to travel to the United States for these conferences and training sessions. In order to be financially sustainable, the facility will also be available for use by other ministries and clients for conferences, weddings and events. In addition to the Master Plan and Conceptual Design for Conference Center and Lodge, the EMI team will perform Agricultural Land Planning for the 70 acre site.

Project Scope

We are excited about the opportunity to help create a place where African Navigator staff can come together and learn from one another before returning to service in their local communities.  We also look forward to how this center will serve the community through outreach, job creation and providing food for those in need in this part of Ghana. 

The EMI project team will work closely with our ministry partner to develop a master plan that makes the best use of this site both for the retreat center as well as for agricultural development.  The construction may be phased so the team will need to develop a plan that allows the site to serve its visitors both initially and in the long term.

Infrastructure design and planning will include water, wastewater and electrical systems which may also include solar power alternatives.

Please consider joining us in helping create a place where people can grow in their faith and ability to serve their communities.


— Kevin Keiter, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
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