Quidditas Farms is a start-up goat milk dairy production company in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Incorporated in 2015, farming operations began in August 2016. Operating as a social enterprise, the company currently produces and processes goat’s milk for sale in India. EMI designed the masterplan for their 21 acre farm in 2015 and has remained involved since with revisions to the building designs and advancing the water system planning. EMI will be sending another team to work with Quidditas in February 2018, focusing designing operations buildings and providing facility engineering to support the planned fodder and dairy processing.

The vision of Quidditas Farms is to end rural poverty in Gulbarga and beyond by establishing sustainable business and employment opportunities for the rural poor. They aspire to be the premier branded manufacturer of goat’s milk nutritional products in India, transforming the lives of their employees and producers, trusted by consumers and respected for fair-dealing by their suppliers.

Project Scope

Quidditas Farms is committed to the socio-economic development of communities they operate in.  Focused on growing the business by employing and partnering with as many local farmers as is expedient, they measure their impact by subscribing to the quadruple bottom line framework. 

Financial:  We are partnering with farmers under long-term procurement contracts for organic perennial fodder crops.  This creates sustainable income opportunities for them

Environmental:  With our insistent on organic only, we are ensuring that in the long run larges acres of crop land will be revived.

Social:  Through our community outreach efforts we help our farmer base to getter better access to health care, education and sanitation services.

Spiritual:  Quidditas has been setup as a Kingdom company.  The company’s values and business practices are anchored in biblical principles.  We seek to glorify God through business and by our business practices to be a witness to the community and in the market place.

The 10-12 person EMI team will assemble in Hyderabad and spend the week living and working at the dairy farm outside of Kalaburagi.  With regular input from the Quidditas staff, the architecture half of the EMI team will design laboratory, office, locker, canteen and apartment / dormitory spaces.  The engineering team will focus on understanding the planned fodder and dairy processes and design the spaces and utility services required by each. 

Have you been looking for an opportunity to serve with EMI in India?  This team requires some technical specialties not often utilized on EMI teams, so please check out the volunteer opportunities below.  We look forward to hearing from you as we continue to design a world of hope in India!


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