This project, located in the heart of central India, will serve the tribal people of this region. The organization leading the project works in the areas of translation and education, providing discipleship resources to the local church. Facilities will be designed to offer workshops in the form of native oral arts, song-writing and story-crafting as well as literacy classes. Additionally, residential, office, meeting and training spaces will be designed for area workers.
The ministry center site is strategically located in an area easily accessible by foot, bike or bus for many of the tribal people. The long term vision is that this center will become an important part of the community, hosting events such as weddings, outdoor games and a range of cultural activities.

Project scope:
The ministry has approached EMI for assistance in developing a masterplan and design of the first phase of buildings for their property. EMI India is assembling a team to undertake the work in mid-February 2018. The team will complete a topographical survey; provide designs and recommendations for site grading, drainage, water and sanitation; design a masterplan layout for current and future phase buildings as well as design the first phase buildings. Our team is in need of an Indian volunteer architect with at least 5 years of professional experience. Travel will be via train or plane and train to central India.

Have you been looking for an opportunity to serve on an EMI team? Please prayerfully consider your involvement with EMI as we design a world of hope!


Architecture: Planning, Gen. Arch.

Indian national with site masterplanning and building design experience

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