Mid to late February 2018

EMI is excited to partner with CEML as they seek to expand their service to their community in Lubango, Angola through a comprehensive master plan and conceptual design of a women's and maternal health center at the existing 55-bed hospital. The project will also include assessment of the existing electrical, water and wastewater infrastructure and recommendations to enhance those systems.

Due to Angola's VISA requirements, this team must be selected by December 20th.

Project Scope

Centro Evangélico de Medícina do Lubango (CEML) has become a well-respected
medical-care facility in the Province of Huila since opening in 2006. Fulfilling the vision
to develop and maintain high-quality tertiary care, the hospital has noted increased
patient flow volume, is operating at full capacity and is seeing an increased demand for
Women’s Health & Maternity services on the CEML property.

Located on a plateau above the City of Lubango, CEML provides healthcare to an
immediate catchment population of over 2.5 million Angolans within a 250 kilometer
radius and serves as a referral center for a much larger region. 50% of the population
in the catchment area has no direct access to primary healthcare, and often have over
a 2-day walk to CEML. There has been increasing demand for maternity services that CEML has been unable to address.

The EMI team will be performing an overall master plan for the hospital campus as they seek to grow their service to the local community over the years to come.  The team will also develop conceptual plans for the new Women's and Maternal Health Center. 

Water, wastewater and electrical infrastructure systems will also be assessed and recommendations provided for how these systems can be modified and expanded in order to serve the hospital's current and future needs.

This project is unique in that a few members of the EMI team will take a few additional days after this effort in Lubango to travel to a small partner hospital in a remote community to perform a planning effort for their expansion of services.

— Rex Barber, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering:

To evaluate existing electrical systems and develop recommendations to modify existing infrastructure to facilitate expansion

Survey: Position filled
Other Specialties:

Drafting, 3D CAD design

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