Late May

EMI is Privileged to partner with Covenant Mercies on the design and masterplan of a new primary school in Kiburara – Uganda. Covenant Mercies Uganda with the support of Covenant Mercies USA has purchased five acres of land in the town of Kiburara along Kamwenge-Fortportal road to be developed into a Kindergarten- Primary school campus that will include class buildings, an administrative block, a library/computer lab, multi-purpose hall, kitchen, and recreation grounds. The school will have a capacity for 250 students.

Project Scope

Covenant Mercies Uganda has been serving orphans since 2004 through partnerships with local community churches. They aim to definitively break cycles of poverty in the lives of fatherless children, while sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through its Orphan Sponsorship Program, over 600 children have received holistic care and graduated into adulthood and careers in the last 13 years, and currently 700 children are actively receiving care in programs located in eastern and western Uganda. Each child receives an education from Kindergarten through University level, healthcare, nutrition, mentorship, essential living supplies, vocational counseling, and gospel-centered teaching. Covenant Mercies Uganda also invests in special initiatives to enhance their impact in the lives of children, such as drilling wells for clean water, establishing medical clinics, development of sustainable farming projects, and the establishment of Christian schools.

CMU has been serving over 400 orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kiburara area (Ibanda district) over the last 8 years. The majority of the children that are primary school age are enrolled in the government schools that exist in their villages. These schools are poorly resourced and offer a substandard education to the children. The passing rates of the students graduating into secondary school are a primary indicator of this fact. For that matter, CMU and other stakeholders in the community have realized the need for an elementary school that will equip the children enrolled in its Sponsorship program with a quality Christ-centered education, and also teach them to think critically and creatively with a goal of unleashing the potential in these children so they can become all that God has created them to be.


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled

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