EMI is honored to be able to continue our partnership with the Umri Christian Hospital with design of vital electrical infrastructure upgrades at their facility. For more than 50 years of humble sacrifice, a team of overseas medical missionaries, local doctors and nurses have cared for the bodies and souls of people in this rural community in Central India. in 2017, EMI developed a master plan for the expansion of this hospital campus. This project will focus on enhancing the electrical system in order to improve capacity, safety and reliability for the benefit of the hospital patients and staff.

Project Scope

EMI was able to gain a general understanding of the electrical system in the 2017 master plan project and several of the recommendations to improve the electrical wiring have already been implemented.  This team will focus on developing design for electrical upgrades that will enhance the hospital's ability to serve their patients by improving the emergency power system.  We will also focus on evaluating ways to reduce ongoing electrical costs by implementing solar power generation into the system.

The plan is for this design to serve as a scope of work document that local contractors can quickly implement in order for the hospital to more effectively meet the physical needs of their community while sharing the love of Christ with them.

— Kevin Keiter, EMI USA trip leader


Electrical Engineering: Position filled
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