Late May / Early June

EMI is honored to partner with Wings of Refuge and JENGA Community Development Outreach as they respond to God’s prompting in the development of a new Ministry Centre located in Mbale, Uganda serving local leaders and mature believers of all church denominations across East Africa, especially in Uganda and Eastern Uganda. With over 35 years in combined ministry experience, Wings of Refuge and JENGA seek to serve those who are pouring themselves out wholeheartedly by providing a safe, loving environment where they can find refuge, rest, and healing - a space where they are encouraged, inspired, healed, delivered, and equipped to continue to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in East Africa.

Project Scope

The Ministry Centre will be located on an undeveloped 7 acre site only a 1/4 mile from the city center of Mbale. The project scope includes 3 main components: a site survey, a master plan, and the development of schematic design of Phase 1 buildings.

Our team will perform a survey on the existing relatively flat site which has minimal landscape and no existing structures or infrastructure.  

We will also develop a master plan for the Ministry Centre based on the Lord’s vision and direction for Wings of Refuge and JENGA. When the campus development is complete, it will include prayer and counseling rooms, a 30-person worship room, conference hall and kitchen, dormitories for up to 50 people, a guest house, administrative offices and individual housing units (bandas) for up to 12 couples or families. The master plan will identify a phasing approach that will guide development of the site and ministry over the next 10 to 20 years.

The architectural team members will develop the schematic design for phase 1 of the master plan which consists of the Administration Block as well as the Worship / Prayer Room.

Civil and electrical scope includes design of the campus infrastructure required for wastewater management, storm water runoff / drainage, tie-in for electrical service, and water supply.

Will you join us in helping JENGA and Wings of Refuge to create this place where believers can experience the depth of love and care of our Lord, Jesus Christ?

— Dan Kane, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
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