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Varies by location
Across 2024
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Invest in EMI staff as a Professional Mentor

EMI staff around the world are seeking professional mentoring relationships.

As EMI has grown, young professionals around the world have responded to God's call to use their professions in mission. These individuals are hungry to learn from the career experiences of the many seasoned professionals in the EMI Network.

EMI is seeking individuals willing to pursue professional mentoring engagements within our worldwide teams. Though each professional mentoring engagement may look slightly different, here are a few of the key common elements:

  • Develop an investment plan that identifies the skills/training to be targeted.
  • Make a short-term visit to the EMI office location to make the connection personal.
  • Follow-up with regular remote contact.

Invest your God-given talents and experience into EMI's people.

Reach out to us today by clicking 'I'm interested' so we can follow up with you to determine fit. 




Opportunities to mentor EMI staff in India, MENA, Cambodia Nicaragua & US. We especially need female architect mentors.

Civil Engineering:

Opportunities to mentor EMI staff in MENA, Cambodia and UK

Other Specialties: Construction Manager

Opportunities to mentor EMI CM staff in Cambodia and Uganda. Further opporturtunities to mentor other EMI staff in Project Management.