Is God calling you to dedicate your professional talent and experiences to serve people through EMI?

EMI staff are followers of Christ who use their God-given gifts and training to minister to communities and the Church around the world.


EMI is seeking architects, engineers, construction managers, surveyors, and various administrative roles. View typical prerequisites for staff. Read more 

Staff make up the core of EMI, participating in and leading design & construction projects, as well as managing and supporting various programmes. We trust God to provide committed individuals and families to will live out EMI’s mission and express our core values of Design, Discipleship, and Diversity as EMI staff.

Check out some of our specific needs below, though other opportunities may be available.


Special Opportunity

Join us for a one-week exploratory trip to EMI Uganda, and get a taste of life as staff with EMI.

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Specific Opportunities

Just Getting Started?

Whether you are just getting started on your EMI journey or in your design profession, you can engage with EMI.


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Candidates for EMI Staff must typically meet the following prerequisites:

  • Trust in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour, be living a vibrant Christian life, and agree to EMI’s Belief Statement.
  • Be involved and have experience in Christian discipleship helping others grow as disciples of Jesus.
  • Fulfill the level of professional experience & credentials stated on the post—usually 5 years with professional license.
  • Willingness and ability to raise financial support to fund 100% of your salary, insurance, and ministry costs. Exceptions may apply in cases of full or partial stipends.

Prerequisites and qualifications vary—see posts for specific information.