Join us for our 3rd WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) webinar that we are doing as part of our Growing Globally campaign to expand our worldwide services in WASH beyond the walls of building services and into communities. 

Local ownership is essential to the success of any development or solution, and it must be fostered from start to finish. We will be discussing ways to promote sustainable and transformational outcomes in WASH community development. This includes learning some key principles in transformational community development as well as practical applications in participatory engagement.

This webinar will be at 9am MDT. Please register to receive the live and recorded link. 

Speaker Bio
This webinar will be led by Trey Cason with Global Hope Network International (GHNI). Trey and his wife, Maddie, live in northern Thailand where they work with towns in the mountains toward holistic development as part of their work with GHNI. Trey is originally from Georgia, USA, and holds a master's degree in community development. Trey has over 10 years of experience working on issues such as homelessness, refugees, public policy and international development.