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Mid-January to Mid-May

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Graphic Design / Photography
  • Information Technology
  • HR/Non-Profit Administration
  • Data Analytics

The US office is located in downtown Colorado Springs, CO with the beautiful backdrop of Pike's Peak in view every morning as you walk in to work.  Having the Rockies in our backyard is a gift we don't take for granted around here. The US office is unique in that it shares office space with the Global Headquarters.  This allows you to get to know the leadership of the organization and have a large pool of people to plan weekend adventures to the mountains, hiking & biking trips after work, and learn from people who have walked the path of missions for a long time. This term will begin in the middle of winter and head in to a beautiful spring.  So pack your coats and your camping/hiking gear to be prepared for adventures through this snowy season.  

The US office focuses their attention on projects mostly in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  The projects for this term are not confirmed yet but the ministry partners we choose are actively serving their local communities and sharing the Gospel. This can be schools, hospitals, churches, ministry centers, etc.  Sometimes these projects are already existing and hoping to add capacity and sometimes they're brand new ministries starting from scratch.  Either way, the ministries we serve are needing assistance such as water/wastewater treatment, master planning, architecture layouts, and many other design needs to better help serve their local communities. 

Your internship will start with a week of orientation here in Colorado where you will hear about EMI's vision & mission, have the theological reasoning of why we do what we do, but also receive practical tools to cross cultures and design in the developing world. Shortly after, you'll take a two-week project trip to whatever country your ministry partner is in. While on site, you'll be with a multidisciplinary team that helps flush out the initial phases of design.  As an intern in the US, you would head back to the Colorado office and spend the rest of your semester finishing out a set of design documents and a design report.  During the work week though, you will experience life on life discipleship, mentorship, service in the local community at a nearby soup kitchen, and a close knit community with your other interns and staff.

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