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About EMI Senegal Internships

We want to provide opportunities for both West African and International Interns to live, work and learn from each other—appreciating a new culture, gaining experience in appropriate design, and developing faith through discipleship. Our aim is to practically demonstrate how faith and profession can be used to further the great commission.

“The Lord has really expanded my view of His heart for the nations. To hear about the work He is doing in and through people all over the world is both inspiring and challenging to me.”
—Lauren Bonney, 2018 Civil Engineering Intern

Programme Overview

After EMI’s intern orientation, you'll be traveling across West Africa with your project leader to your project trip. In the field, you'll join a team of volunteer design professionals to serve a ministry with their development needs. Afterward at EMI Senegal, you'll find a routine of work and life where relationships get space to grow. You'll experience God as you step out to serve His people & learn the ropes of working with EMI. You will also get to enjoy Senegalese food and culture, and landscapes and beaches of West Africa.

Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship

Q: How do I apply for an EMI internship?
A: Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship online. You will need to create or log-in to your EMI account to pre-apply for an EMI Internship.

Q: Where will I be living?
A: Currently our interns stay in a flat inside an EMI family’s compound that is within walking distance of the office (10-15 minutes). The flat includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a small living space. A pool and washing machine are also available on the compound. Additionally, the beach, corner shops (called boutiques), local restaurants, artisan shops and a grocery store are all only 5 to 20 minutes walking distance away.

Q: What is the office routine like?
A: We begin each day with devotions and prayer. Generally, you will be working in the office on your project, with an occasional site visit or client meeting. Each week you will also have time for mentorship, bible study and volunteering at a local ministry.

Q: Do I need to speak French?
A: Great question! A lack of French language ability (although some previous French is preferable) has been a concern held by incoming interns in the past, but their language fears were quickly put at ease. As part of orientation, interns learn and practice basic phrases, greetings, and numbers. With this basic knowledge, interns are able to get around, shop and interact with locals in their daily lives. If desired, interns may choose to work with a local French tutor for an hour once or twice a week to practice speaking French, to learn more phrases for life in Senegal and to learn basic grammar too.

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: Yes. Visitors are welcome! Hosting visitors is a great opportunity for interns to share experiences first-hand with friends and family during their time in Senegal. Please note that project trips, publishing dates and other required events are scheduled in advance and take priority during the work term. It is best to be flexible and to communicate early with EMI staff about potential visitors, so that their visits may be arranged around work commitments.

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