EMI Nicaragua is honored to partner with El Monte and Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (ie WEC) in the conceptual design of a Camp Masterplan and Expansion of their existing multi-ministry center located in Morelos Mexico. We are thankful for the opportunity to utilize our skills to help them visualize how to grow better and plan how to utilize their site’s full potential as they continue to serve the Mexican church.

Project Scope

El Monte operates through the leadership of Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC International) in Mexico. WEC has been serving the Mexican church for over 25 years and El Monte plays a key part in this collaboration hosting camps for all age groups, leadership courses and missionary training. Their campsite is also facilitated to the local churches for retreats and other activities. This ministry is growing strong and thus the leadership wants to have a more clear view of the potential of the site to host a myriad if ministry related activities, with some of them functioning simultaneously.  

For this project, EMI will survey and catalogue the existing facilities and master plan the final site build out for the envisioned expansion. The upgrades include the expansion of the existing camp and missionary training school, a new camp zone, an adult and leader retreat center and new staff housing as well of all the associated support infrastructure for water, wastewater, electrical, and circulation systems. The EMI team will also provide a construction phasing program and a preliminary project cost estimate for each of the phases, which will equip the ministry with an outline of  the process to reach the the vision and a base to explore the strategies needed to achieve this endeavor.  

Please join us in this exciting opportunity to serve El Monte and the Mexican church with our skills.


— Jorge Aguero Lewis, EMI Nicaragua trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Mechanical Engineering: Position filled
Structural Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
Other Specialties: Position filled
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