September 23-October 6

It is a privilege to offer our continued partnership to Bongolo Hospital for this civil infrastructure assessment and master plan update. We are excited about the hospital’s continued vision to see God glorified as people are healed, saved, equipped, and sent. Bongolo Hospital plays a key role in reaching the lost in Gabon, providing compassionate, professional medical care to all in need, and equipping Christian medical professionals to extend the vision to all of Africa. Due to continued growth and new priorities at the hospital, there is a need to expand the existing facilities and infrastructure supporting the hospital campus and mission station.

Project Scope

The scope for this project trip will be to assess the water and wastewater infrastructure at the hospital and provide recommendations for improvements and expansion. In addition, the team will update the existing hospital and mission station campus master plan.

The project team will work with the staff and leadership team to confirm the scope of the master plan, given the hospital’s recently completed strategic plan update. Our team will work with Bongolo to develop a master plan update and architectural design for the next new building to be constructed on the campus, a new maternity/women's health building.

Previous EMI projects have focused extensively on the electrical infrastructure. As such, this project team will focus primarily on short and long-term improvements to the civil infrastructure required to support the updated hospital campus and mission station. The civil engineering focus includes site drainage, water distribution, and wastewater. The project team will identify recommended phasing/sequencing for the updated master plan.

We are looking to mobilize a team of EMI staff and several volunteers to Gabon in late September through early October (approximately two-week long trip) to meet with the hospital leadership and staff and work towards an updated master plan and civil improvements for this campus.

Will you prayerfully consider joining us in designing a world of hope for Bongolo Hospital?


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Other Specialties: Video

Videographer to film and produce 3-4 min. feature video

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