Sept 27 - Oct 8

EMI is excited to be partnering with Pace Academy Foundation (PAF) as they embark on a journey to establish a community centre in Lilongwe, Malawi.

PAF is a ministry that was founded in 2013 with a heart to spread the love and good news of Jesus Christ through quality Christian education, mentorship, and scholarship programs. As of June 2020, the Foundation had supported 120 schools and 891 secondary school students- that figure has since gone up to about 1400 students. It has been the Foundation's dream to provide a safe space for the children and young adults in not just Chisunzi Village, but throughout Malawi, where they can receive Christ-centred education and job training and be empowered to become a thriving community. In December of 2020, in answer to prayer, God provided a piece of land in Lilongwe for PAF to bring this dream to life.

The hope that PAF has is that graduates from the Centre can give back to the community and model Christ in word and deed. The Centre will also allow greater collaboration between PAF and its global church partners in serving local churches by providing residential facilities for short-term missionaries from other countries.

Project Scope

Master Planning and Conceptual Design; 

A) Initial programming and planning meetings and workshops with PAF leadership for discussion, feedback and refinement of conceptual ideas and proposals 

B) Provide multi-disciplinary master-planning for the approximately 33-acre site. 

C) Provide conceptual building design (floor plans, elevations) for the first-phase priority structures 

D) The EMI team will also provide a preliminary project cost estimate for the project which will equip the ministry with a base to explore the strategies needed to achieve this endeavour within their allocated budget.  

We are looking to mobilize a team of EMI staff and several volunteers to Malawi in late September through early October (an approximately two-week long trip) to meet with the ministry leadership and staff and work towards a master plan and conceptual design for the Centre.

Will you prayerfully consider joining us in designing a world of hope for PAF Community Centre?


Architecture: Planning, Gen. Arch.

Master planning

Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering
Other Specialties: Quantity Surveying
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