October - December 2021

EMI is excited to continue a long-lasting partnership with the Galmi Hospital in Niger through providing the construction drawings for their next phase of expansion. The Galmi Hospital was established 70 years ago, and has been an incredible witness to Christ's compassion by providing medical and surgical care in a remote area of Niger. As the need for care has grown, the facilities on the campus have become overcrowded and are in desperate need of expansion. An expanded campus will allow Galmi Hospital to provide a higher quality and quantity of care, reaching more people with a message of love and compassion lived out through the care they provide on a daily basis.

Project Scope

As a follow up to the EMI MasterPlan team that visited the site in Niger in June 2021, the next team will take the conceptual design to the next level of details to prepare for construction to begin in 2022.

We are looking for a team of remote Engineers to work with our team of in-house architects to develop the detailed design and drawings for 4 new buildings on the Galmi Campus. 

Detailed design will include a new Pediatric Ward, Staff Laundry/Lockers, Malnutrition Educational building, and surgical area improvements.

The team will be managed by our Project Leader/ Architect in our MENA office, and will meet periodically online over the next few months to coordinate the design development and coordinate with the on-site medical and facility staff. 

Will you prayerfully consider joining us in designing a world of hope for Galmi Hospital?

Click "I'm interested" above if you would like more information. 



Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering

Drainage around new buildings, walk way designs, connections to existing sewer and water systems.

Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering

Lighting and power drawings, circuit breaker and panel design.

Mechanical Engineering: HVAC, Plumbing

Building plumbing sizing, layout, and connection to existing systems. Plans locating HVAC split systems, and evaporative cooling units.

Structural Engineering: Structural Engineering

Foundation, concrete column, beam, and steel roof truss design with connection details.

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