Mar 17-30, 2022

Rokon, a small town ravaged by decades of civil war, will be the site of a new branch campus of the Episcopal University of South Sudan, according to church officials, who broke ground there on December 18. "Maybe God has a plan to make this a center of production where previously it’s been a center of destruction".
EMI is excited to enter partnership with TEU, and support the educational programs and outreach opportunities these facilities will afford.

Project Scope

The undeveloped site near Rokon town is about 1000-acres in size.  The project scope will include an Engineering and Architectural Feasibility Study, Land Use Planning and Masterplanning for a complete university campus including, but not limited to:

•             Faculty and Administrative Space

•             Classrooms, Library, IT Center

•             Staff and Student Accommodation

•             Health Center / Clinic

•             Chapel & Retreat Centre

•             Modern Agricultural Space,

•             Sports Centre, Shopping Center/ Market

•             Primary School and Secondary School

Several of the high priority buildings will be taken further to conceptual design including floor layouts.

A complete Engineering plan will be done to service the site with water, wastewater and power.

We are looking to mobilize a team of EMI staff and volunteers to South Sudan for a 2 week trip in March.  Will you prayerfully consider joining us in designing a world of hope for the Episcopal University of South Sudan?  Click "I'm interested" above if you would like more information. This project will be a collaboration with our EMI Ugandan office.

"Although the situation in South Sudan is fragile, it is vital for us to get this university up and running so that we can contribute effectively to building peace and stability. Education is the best answer to change the dynamics of violence in our country. However, the project requires our commitment, dedication and determination. It requires us to stand and work together to achieve our dream."

A quote from Revd. Dr. Joseph Bilal, Project Director, The Episcopal University, South Sudan

— Michael Dirk, EMI MENA trip leader


Architecture: Planning

Senior Masterplanner, Building Designer, and Jr Architect

Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering

Sr Civil Engineer and Jr Civil Engineer

Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

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