February 6-19

It is EMI’s privilege to partner with Mercy Ships and ELWA Hospital on the development of an updated hospital master plan. Located in Monrovia, Liberia, ELWA Hospital’s mission is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing quality healthcare services with Christ-like compassion and integrity, by caring for the healthcare needs of the poor and vulnerable, and by training and mentoring the future healthcare leaders of Liberia. The hospital has grown considerably since its inception more than 50 years ago, and a plan for future growth and expansion will allow ELWA to continue providing life-saving medical care to the Liberian people in an effective and efficient manner. This project scope includes an overall site master plan update and conceptual design of the highest priority building, possibly a paediatric surgical ward and high-dependency care unit.

Project Scope

ELWA Hospital was founded by SIM in 1965 to serve the medical needs in the community surrounding the ELWA Radio compound in Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia. The hospital continued to operate throughout the civil war period and the Ebola epidemic of 2014-2016. In November 2016, the hospital opened a new 42,000-square-foot facility. It is a full-service 85-bed health care institution, including a large 18-bed emergency room, three operating rooms, male, female, and paediatric wards, a maternity and postpartum ward, laboratory, imaging department, pharmacy, and outpatient clinic. Support services include a chaplain’s office, HIV-AIDS counseling and treatment program, and diabetes education program. Additionally, as a teaching hospital, ELWA Hospital is training doctors and nurses for Liberia’s health care system.

Continued growth and health demands have put pressure on the hospital’s current facilities and capacity. For instance, growth in the paediatric and general surgery programs at the hospital has led to overcrowding that hampers clinical workflow. An updated master plan will look to address departmental congestion, work flows and adding capacity where most beneficial in the hospital, helping SIM and ELWA staff plan strategically for the future. Mercy Ships, through their partnership with ELWA Hospital, is helping realize this project as part of their long-term surgical system strengthening work in Liberia.

Involved with the original site plan and current hospital facility design, EMI is honored to be continuing our partnership with ELWA. This team will work with hospital leadership to assess the current challenges, desired growth, and projected needs to develop a strategic approach for the future growth of ELWA Hospital. Outcomes of this process will include a facility assessment, master plan layout, services review and conceptual-level architectural design for the priority facilities.

We are looking to mobilize a team of EMI staff and volunteers to Liberia for two weeks in February 2022. Will you prayerfully consider joining us in designing a world of hope for ELWA Hospital and the Liberian people?

— Brad Hansen, EMI South Africa trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Healthcare, Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Surveyor
Other Specialties: Position filled
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