Jan 16-27, 2022

**Cambodia has re-opened to vaccinated travelers quarantine-free! The country is 80% vaccinated and the EMI office is 100% vaccinated. Other Covid safety protocols are still being practiced, including wearing face masks, social distancing, and washing hands. (as of 03 December 2021)**

EMI Cambodia is excited and honoured to be partnering with Promise Church on the concept master plan for the Jesus Village Project in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia.

The Jesus Village Project plans to spread the Gospel and bless Cambodians living in harsh conditions. Our shared hope with Promise Church is for this village to improve their lives and achieve economic independence by developing a sustainable self-supporting village community. Over time, it will grow to include 300 affordable housing units, church, performance theatre, agriculture, factory, schools, workshops, and a clinic on the 102-hectare site, approximately 2.5 hours north of Phnom Penh. 

Project Scope

The phased approach to this scheme is key, spread across many years as the community develops. Our team will provide documents for the overall village master plan and infrastructure, including architectural site zoning, water supply, wastewater treatment, electrical distribution, and access routes. 

EMI commits to fulfilling our work for The Jesus Village Project in a God-honouring and timely fashion. This project will be a quick turnaround, so documents and drawings will need to be delivered to the ministry by the end of February. 

We are thrilled to once again host volunteers for this project. We will be splitting our week on-site and in Phnom Penh. While on-site, we will gather information, put together preliminary plans, and present and get feedback from the client. Once we return to Phnom Penh, we will continue with the design and show you more of this country we have grown to love!  

Will you pray and consider joining us in helping this ministry show God’s love to the Khmer people?

— Vicky Mah, EMI Cambodia trip leader


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