February 3-13, 2022

It is EMI’s honor to partner with Iglesia Comunidad Multicultural (ICM) in their vision to be a multicultural/ multi-ethnic church movement with a heart for the poor and lost with a focus on holistic discipleship. At this new site, their aim is to serve the community by constructing a church/community center, kitchen, small school, guest house for short term mission teams, clinic, and an outside gathering space. ICM may also develop a low-cost water supply and treatment system to serve the community.

Project Scope

Our EMI team will provide a site master plan layout, conceptual architectural design for the community center and guest house, and the conceptual design for the campus infrastructure (i.e. potable water system, wastewater system, and electrical distribution). The architectural team will also provide one or two renderings of the proposed development to aid in fundraising for the project. After the trip, EMI will work to deliver our conceptual design drawings and report to the ministry by the end of May 2022.

ICM currently has another site where they are practicing many of the ministry components that our team will be incorporating into the Master Plan for this new second site.  This gives us the unique blessing of engaging with their current active work as we design facilities for the new developlment in another area of Santiago.

Our team is blessed to partner with an organization who is actively loving God and people by making disciples and serving their neighbors. We are thankful to God for the testimonies of changed lives through the ministry of ICM, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to help them flourish in Santiago for years to come.

— Kevin Keiter, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
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