EMI is thrilled to partner with the Ethnos360 Missionary Training Center in central Missouri along the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in early March. The camp has been established for decades, and with new leadership in place is now interested in a renewed master plan. A main planning focus will be to develop new access drives on campus along with a new residential zone for trainee housing. 

Project Scope

As the camp has grown over the years, a number of buildings, namely trainee housing, have outlived their intended purposes. The need has arisen to re-address the master plan for their 350+ acre campus, looking in particular for additional areas for their flourishing residential needs. The EMI team will be looking to plan out the long-range goals their new leadership has been considering, exploring circulation options on campus and bolstering their infrastructure and drainage structures. Given the need for additional housing, we will be generating a conceptual design for typical multi-family housing units that will replace their current outdated facilities. We are looking forward to offering this historical camp a fresh set of eyes and ideas. 

As one of our inaugural domestic projects in the recent year, this trip offers an exciting benefit to serve an internationally-focused ministry while remaining State-side for travel. This project is coming up soon in early March. Would you prayerfully consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to serve with your amazing gifts and talents?

— Dirk Anderson, EMI USA trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Mechanical Engineering: HVAC

Geothermal specialty & HVAC design

Structural Engineering: Position filled
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