September 3-11

Inundo Development is a Inundo is a faith community, a movement, a classroom, and a demonstration. Physically it will look like a model farm based in South Africa and serving leaders from across the continent. Socially it will look like a network of leaders. Mentally it will equip people to realize their potential and spiritually it will be a sanctuary for renewal and restoration. In light of this, the Inundo team is looking to grow their capacity to impact communities by expanding their training infrastructure.

Project Scope

Situated in the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal, Inundo Development is looking for EMI's assistance with professional design of their Farming God's Way model training farm, beginning with a master plan of the property and concept design of the facilities which will include a training hall, housing, and support facilities with recommendations for site drainage, water and wastewater systems, and electrical supply and distribution systems. 

EMI is excited to partner with Inundo Developemnt as they pursue God's vision for the ministry, to see flourishing land, people and communities in Africa. Please prayerfully consider joining this team to make the project a success!


Architecture: Planning, Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Storm water, Wastewater, Grading
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