Mid-Late March 2023

EMI is honored to partner with Medicines for Humanity in providing master planning and conceptual architectural design for Minga Mission Hospital in Zambia.

Project Scope

Mission hospitals have been a crucial part of the provision of medical care in Zambia for decades. As the nature of health care continues to change, mission hospitals are in need of additional planning and design to help them grow and operate in an effective and sustainable manner. Given this, Medicines for Humanity is seeking a facility assessment, the development of a master site plan, and conceptual architectural design of a new surgical suite at Minga Mission Hospital. We will also be assisting in the specification and procurement of an oxygen plant for use by the hospital.

The EMI team will visit the hospital campus to engage with program directors and participants, capturing the vision and goals of the programs. We will work with hospital leadership to assess the current challenges, desired growth, and projected needs to develop a strategic approach for the future growth of the hospital.

Deliverables will include a report and drawings that identify and create a guide for the modification, expansion, and renovation of the facility to support the hospital's plan, mission, and vision. The facility assessment will provide a snapshot of the existing facility while the master site plan will act as a guiding document for the next 5-10 years of upgrades and development. 

EMI is excited to support Minga Mission Hospital in serving their community through medical care. Will you prayerfully consider joining us in March 2023 in designing a world of hope for Minga Mission Hospital and the people of Zambia?

— Gerhard van der Merwe, EMI South Africa trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering:
Mechanical Engineering:

Experience with oxygen/med gas

Other Specialties:

Facility Management

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