5-16 February 2023

Established in April 2021, CURE Zimbabwe is the first and only hospital in the country to provide orthopedic care for disabilities such as clubfoot, bowed legs, and knock knees to children regardless of their economic status.

Project Scope

It is a privilege and honour to have the opportunity to build upon a continued partnership between EMI and CURE International with this project for CURE Zimbabwe Children’s Hospital in Bulawayo. CURE Children’s Hospitals are world-class facilities with highly trained surgeons and caregivers providing specialized care for children with disabilities. From pre-surgery evaluation, through surgeries, physical therapy, and mobility device fitting, children receive comprehensive, transformational care. The teaching hospital in Zimbabwe has 18 beds, three operating theatres, and an outpatient clinic. 

Hospital facilities offering surgical and therapy services such as CURE Zimbabwe require specialized knowledge and planning in order to operate in a safe, health, and sustainable manner. Given these factors, CURE Zimbabwe is seeking development of a Master Site Plan which will create a guide for the modification, expansion, and renovation of the facility to complement the organizational strategic plan, mission, and vision. The EMI team will visit the hospital campus in Bulawayo to capture the input and perspectives of local hospital leadership and staff in the development of recommendations for spatial and infrastructure improvements.

EMI is excited to partner with CURE International in Will you prayerfully consider joining our team to serve the ministry of CURE Zimbabwe in their work to provide life-changing surgeries and demonstrate the love of Jesus to children with disabilities?

— Shayla Dick, EMI South Africa trip leader


Architecture: Planning, Healthcare, Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Mechanical Engineering: Position filled
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