2-13 March 2023

EMI is privileged to partner with Maranatha Health which aims to improve health outcomes, empower the poor, and make positive lasting change in partnership with the people of rural Uganda. Maranatha is a Hebrew word meaning 'come Lord Jesus', and the work and vision of Maranatha Health (MH) is driven by the example of Jesus and his up-side down Kingdom. The dream is that every individual in the Kabarole region of Uganda has access to high quality compassionate health care, and is empowered to make healthy choices so their household can thrive.

MH’s existing 30-bed hospital stands out as a place of compassion and excellence, and as always our reputation for quality keeps spreading. They see approximately 10,000 patients each year and are committed to finding ways to provide holistic care and treat the whole person. As part of this program MH offers on-site counselling, health education sessions on our ward, nutrition education (and cooking!) for parents, and a home visiting program. All of these activities allow us to engage with families on a deeper level, to begin to unpack why people are sick, and bring lasting transformation to people’s lives.

In order to continue doing this work well, MH is partnering with EMI to design a brand new facility nearby, which will enable MH to scale the programs and create more impact in the local community. This new site will also allow MH to serve as a training ground for pediatrics care; a model of excellence in our region.

Project Scope

Our EMI team will provide programming and planning meetings with Maranatha leadership and master planning update for the approximately 7.6-acre Fort Portal site.

1. Removing the maternity ward

2. Removing the kindergarten

3. Adjusting the location of the operating theater and mortuary

4. Simplifying some of the ancillary buildings

5. Minor changes to the ward buildings

EMI commits to advance the scope of services by providing conceptual building design for Outpatient department, Administration building, Outpatient toilets and Operating theatre. Site planning includes Water supply and distribution, Wastewater treatment, Stormwater drainage, Site grading, paths/roads and Electrical supply and distribution.

Will you pray and consider joining us in designing a world of hope for Maranatha Health in Fort Portal, Uganda?

— dan Chong, EMI Uganda trip leader


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Other Specialties: Position filled
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