Late March 2023

Maternal mortality is one of Zimbabwe's most pressing health challenges, with a maternal mortality ratio about 4 times that of neighboring South Africa, and more than 24 times that of the United States. This challenge is exacerbated in rural areas, where healthcare services are constrained by inadequate infrastructure, lack of equipment, and a limited number of health workers trained in critical obstetric and neonatal care. In response, Gutu Mission Hospital in rural Zimbabwe has identified the need to invest in their maternity services, and they are looking to develop a comprehensive maternity wing at the hospital.

Project Scope

EMI is honored to partner with Gutu Mission Hospital (GMH), the Reformed Church of Zimbabwe (RCZ), and EMAS Canada in working to enhance the hospital's capacity to deliver high-quality care to women and babies across the district and province. We have been asked to provide an assessment of the hospital's existing engineering services and future needs, assist in developing a clear brief for the maternity wing, develop a master plan to guide the hospital's future growth, and provide programmatic, spatial, and conceptual design for the maternity unit.

Our team (comprised of architects, planners, and engineers) will also have the opportunity to collaborate with and support local Zimbabwean design professionals in the project and design process. 

We are excited to serve Gutu Mission Hospital as they seek to spread God's love and care for the people of Zimbabwe. Would you prayerfully consider joining this team to support the hospital's efforts to improve healthcare and save lives? 

— Ellery Walker, EMI South Africa trip leader


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