February 2024

EMI is honored to partner with Mending the Soul Ministries to develop plans for this new campus for them to carry out their trauma healing mission in East Africa more effectively and economically while addressing significant trauma education needs in the region. MTS will provide training to pastors and lay people and will serve as a place for emotional/spiritual rest, restoration, and healing for caregivers. The TRI will include short-term housing for approximately 100 people, a guest house for visiting teams, classroom / conference hall, permanent housing for staff; kitchen, dining, office and reception spaces.

Project Scope

We are excited by the Mending the Soul Ministries (MTS') vision to bring community-based restoration to people worldwide who have experienced trauma and abuse. MTS creates Biblically based holistic healing models to educate and resource individuals, churches, and service organizations with sustainable trauma care materials contextualized for their specific communities. MTS believes that healing happens in community, and seeks to create resources that foster safe, restorative relationships.

Our team's scope will include development of a long-term master site plan including housing, classrooms, kitchen and dining for up to 100 people receiving short-term care, a guest house, administration/reception and housing for staff living on-site. The master plan will also include recommendations for pedestrian paths, roads, site drainage, water and sanitation systems, and recommendations for electrical supply and distribution systems. We will also develop the conceptual architectural design for one or more of the first buildings to be constructed on the site.

Won't you consider joining us in partnering with MTS in this great healing work in Uganda?


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
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