Early June to mid June 2023

EMI is partnering with Fairfield Guesthouse Café Bakery & Travel for a Redevelopment Master Plan project. Fairfield provides employment to locals, which provides for their material needs, and paves the way for long-term relationships and Christian discipleship to take place. Fairfield’s current facilities are antiquated and energy intensive, no longer adequate for the increased demands of the ministry and do not provide enough revenue for the ministry to be financially independent. Fairfield’s vision is to build a new guesthouse to accommodate all the services they currently offer, on a larger scale, but also to build a tourist camp to attract travelers to the region for an extended stay, not just overnight accommodations.

Project Scope

Master plan design for their new site will include a main building for many of the ministry’s services, areas for traditional Mongolian Gers, hot pools and sauna, fitness centre and gym, machinery/maintenance shed, artisan’s workshops and teaching spaces, property manager’s residence, owner/manager’s residence, areas for outdoor services, and plans for general services, with recommendations for site water and sanitation systems, and recommendations for electrical supply and distribution systems.

Design services will include: 

  1. Collaborate with Ministry leadership to determine current and future campus programmatic needs including functional space program of the buildings to be constructed;
  2. Collaborate with Ministry leadership to develop design solutions;
  3. Assess local building codes (as available), materials of construction, existing facilities in the general vicinity, site conditions, and other constraints/opportunities to complete conceptual design recommendations;
  4. Develop facility master plan including site layout, recommended phasing, and infrastructure improvements;
  5. Develop conceptual-level architectural design of one or two proposed buildings;
  6. Assess and provide civil engineering recommendations for site water and sanitation systems;
  7. Assess and provide recommendations for electrical supply and distribution systems;
  8. Review potential to utilize geothermal sources for building heating and provide recommendations;
  9. Provide architectural rendering of project for Ministry’s fundraising use.

— Scott Sammons, EMI USA trip leader

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