Jul 17-30, 2023

EMI is honored to partner with Impact Zambia and iTeams Canada in designing a multi-disciplinary master plan for the expansion of Life Impact Zambia Training Centre. Impact Zambia is a ministry that helps rural churches and communities flourish by providing Leadership and Skills training. Life Impact Training centre would be the first such facility in the Itezhi-tezhi district with the goal of not just equipping church leaders, but also the community with employable skills such as carpentry, sewing, hospitality, and leadership training.

The project site is located approximately 350km (6hrs) from Lusaka in Itezhi-tezhi which is a relatively new district established in 1998. Home to Kafue National Park and one of the largest manmade lakes in Zambia, Itezhi-tezhi has a predominantly rural population.

The ministry has over the years built some buildings on the site but they are inadequate for the greater vision that Impact Zambia has for the future. The master plan would incorporate the addition of trade workshops, offices, classrooms, library and computer room, student and staff residences, a camping lodge at the river and sports fields and other support facilities.

Project Scope

Our team's scope will include development of a long-term masterplan, conceptual building design, and site infrastructure planning. 

  • Programming: Starting with the list of facilities provided by the ministry, EMI will conduct further meetings with the client to draw out requirements of different spaces and conclude this task with a program listing all facilities on the site and associated space needed for each.

  • Site Masterplan: Develop a phased master site plan that incorporates findings, recommendations, and conceptual plans to support and further the mission and vision of the Ministry’s training programs;

  • Conceptual Building Design: providing building concepts that include floor plans, elevations, and basic 3D images for identified Phase 1 infrastructure and buildings. 

  • Site Infrastructure Planning: Assess site conditions and typical practices, and provide recommendations for water, wastewater, drainage, and electrical systems.


Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
Survey: Position filled
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