Jun 3-18, 2023

Since 2003, the Centre Medical Evangelique (CME) Bunia Hospital has provided vital medical care to the city of Bunia (now over 1.3 million ) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2015, CME signed a partnership agreement with Shalom University of Bunia (USB) to become the teaching hospital for the university’s new School of Medicine. This partnership is changing medical education for the Congo.

In additional to the usual medical subjects, medical students take courses in the Bible, have group Bible studies together with their teachers, and learn how to evangelize through medicine. The students not only learn practical medicine, but grow in compassion and competency throughout their program. This program transforms medical students into truly Christian doctors.

EMI is privileged to come alongside CME Bunia and Shalom University to assess and document their existing campus infrastructure, develop a conceptual-level master plan of the hospital campus, and develop a conceptual architectural design of the new pediatric and teaching building that will meet CME Bunia Hospital's goals for growth for the foreseeable future.

Project Scope

It is a privilege to come alongside Centre Medical Evangelique (CME) Bunia Hospital and Shalom University of Bunia (USB) for this project. The hospital’s mission is “To propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of health care services and training.” In its partnership with USB, CME Bunia trains medical students in practical medicine and in compassion and competency throughout their program to become truly Christian doctors.

The desire is to expand the number of hospital beds at CME Bunia from 115 to about 300 including additional wards for pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, neonatology, intensive care, ophthalmology, neuropsychiatry and emergency care. At the same time, the hospital will need improved teaching spaces and staff services. Our project team will assess the existing campus infrastructure, conduct programming meetings, develop a conceptual campus master plan, and conceptual architectural plans for the upcoming pediatric and teaching building.

One unique aspect of the project is that our team would take an MAF flight to the site from our Uganda office location at the Kajjansi airstrip. The second unique aspect is that we anticipate many of the conversations to require French-English translation. (Translation will be provided by the hospital.)

We plan to mobilize a team of EMI staff and volunteers to Bunia for a 2 week trip in early June. Will you prayerfully consider using your gifts and talents to serve CME Bunia Hospital? Click "I'm interested" above if you would like more information.

- Adam Miller, Trip Leader


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