Sept 1st - 9th

EMI Mexico continues to partner with Puente de Salvacion ministries in the Mixteca region of the state of Oaxaca. This project will serve the people of a local church in San Martin Peras that have struggled with storm water drainage issues on the street in front of their site for several years, stormwater has severely deteriorated the street and access to the church property, and they are looking towards EMI for technical support in designing an appropriate drainage system, a structural plan for a retaining wall and a general civil assessment of the city drainage system. The team will work alongside pastor Raul Castro to help him, and his team solve the challenges in their property as well as meet with city officials to discuss bigger picture factors in the community.

EMI is grateful to partner with ministries in this region of Mexico, we see a great need for technical support throughout the whole state of Oaxaca, and we pray that projects like this one in San Martin Peras will open doors to more partnerships and collaboration. With this in mind, the EMI team will also meet with a wider group of pastors and leaders of the region to listen to their needs and identify potential project opportunities.

Project Scope

The scope for this project includes

1. Initial assessment: Visiting the site with the client to understand the current status of the road, access points to the property as well as the local practices toward's structural, drainage and road design. 

2. Broader assessment: Meeting with city officials to understand the community's development plan, and their openness to collaborate with EMI and Puente de Salvacion to solve immediate road and stormwater drainage problems. The team will also meet with other pastors and leaders in the area to understand their needs and explore ways for EMI to support them. 

4. Drainage channel design: Assess typical practices, and provide recommendations for a pertinent stormwater drainage system for the road and access to the site. 

3. Retaining wall design review and recommendations. Review the set of basic construction drawings for the retaining wall, provide structural details, and make adjustments taking into account the drainage channel design proposal. 


— Isaac Padilla, EMI Mexico trip leader

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