19 - 27 January

EMI Mexico is partnering with Genesis Diez Ministries on this project at Rancho Genesis. Rancho Genesis exists to serve orphans who have been rescued from the terrible trauma of sexual & physical abuse, neglect, or abandonment. They are in need of healing opportunities and coming to know Jesus the greatest healer.

Project Scope

Site Planning:

  • EMI will work with Rancho Genesis to consider the whole site of el Rancho and propose a phased masterplan for all future facilities taking into consideration the existing temporary and permanent structures and how they all tie together in the new plan.
  • The proposed facilities of the masterplan include the following:
    • 3 camp areas with a total capacity of 240 people
    • A central Kitchen and dining space
    • Staff accommodation
    • Sports fields and camp activities sites
    • An amphitheater
    • A petting Zoo
    • Public restrooms
    • Other supporting structures such as storage spaces and workshops
  • The masterplan will look at structures as well as pathways, internal roads, and general site accessibility. Additionally, the masterplan will include a landscape design proposal for the campgrounds.


  • Electrical system and distribution on-site
  • Water distribution network
  • Wastewater and stormwater management and potential treatment plant

Building Design

  • The EMI team will work on developing the floor plans of the buildings in phase 1 of the project.


Architecture: Position filled
Civil Engineering: Position filled
Electrical Engineering: Position filled
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