5-8 December 2023

EMI Cambodia is hosting a Groundwater Practicum in December with the aim of training our team in groundwater resources and using groundwater for piped water systems in Cambodia. We would like to invite groundwater specialists who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in areas such as selecting a site for a borehole, drilling practices, lithology, well development, analyzing well-testing data, groundwater properties and treatment processes.

Project Scope

Cambodia is working toward a goal of supplying clean water to all Cambodians by 2030. Currently, about 30% of the population has access to an improved water source including piped water, boreholes, protected dug wells, protected springs, and packaged or delivered water. Recently, the EMI Cambodia office has partnered with other WASH organizations to provide technical support for their piped water systems. We have received remote support from groundwater specialists over the past few years. As our team continues to pursue water projects in Cambodia, we are wanting to develop our skill and knowledge in groundwater used for distributing piped water to communities in need.

Our team is looking forward to having groundwater specialists come and provide training in person with opportunities to visit villages in Cambodia that rely on groundwater as their main water supply. We are looking for people to come who can provide training in well site selection, drilling practices, lithology, well development, analyzing well-test data, and groundwater treatment options.

Would you be willing to come share your knowledge and experience with our EMI Cambodia team? Your input and collaboration will impact our efforts of restoring communities by providing sustainable piped water systems and sharing the Gospel of Christ.    


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