31 Jan-12 Feb 2024

EMI is privileged to partner with Life Child International Mozambique, a ministry of Life Church in Cape Town, South Africa.  Life Child was established to champion an aspect of the social expression of Life Church in Africa. Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change.  The project involves the assessment of the Gogone Children’s Village and a Master plan of the Peace School. The site is located near the city of Quelimane, in central Mozambique, a seaport in the Zambezia Province.

Project Scope

Master Site Plan (MSP) -- Peace School (~1.33 hectares)

The Peace School is an extension of the local church in the community of Namuinho, where it reaches out to vulnerable and/or orphaned children. The school has a holistic approach to education and each child also receives a nutritious meal daily. They currently educate 400 children from Grade 1 to Grade 7

  • Facilitate master planning meetings with Life Child International Mozambique stakeholders.
  • Develop a phased master site plan that incorporates findings, recommendations, and conceptual plans to support and further the mission and vision of the school.
  • Develop and design conceptual architectural plans (and supporting engineering services) for identified Phase 1 infrastructure and buildings.

Facility Assessment (FA) -- Gogone Children’s Village (~4 hectares)

The Gogone Children’s Village is a community within the community where orphaned or vulnerable children are placed into families where they receive long term holistic care. The village was created to provide permanent care for children directly affected by the high mortality rates. The Village incorporates a primary school and medical clinic that serves the local community as well as residential homes, allowing us to take care of orphaned and vulnerable children together with their house mothers.

  • Assess and identify conditions of existing facilities, including systems on site and within buildings, namely building condition, structural, plumbing & electrical systems, wastewater, and stormwater.
  • Detect any deferred maintenance items;
  •  Classify elements that do not adhere to local or international codes, Life Child International requirements or accessibility standards;

Would you consider joining us in partnering with Life Child for this exciting work in Mozambique?



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