May 23rd-31st, 2024
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The ministry of Eternal Anchor exists to break down the physical and attitudinal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing and participating in their communities. It strives to heal social divisions so that all community members can be valued, experience belonging, and reach their God-given potential.
Eternal Anchor provides quality disability services, including housing, education, healthcare, equipment, therapy and more, to 500 families each year.
Recently, Eternal Anchor was donated a large property with some constructed facilities previously used as a visitor center for church teams. Their vision for this property is to create a social enterprise hub, centered around a guesthouse for mission teams and other visitors to Baja California. This hub will primarily provide employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. This initiative will not only provide employment opportunities for adults with disabilities but also generate revenue for the ministry.

Project Scope

EMI will work with Eternal Anchor on the following:

Inspection and Assessment of the existing facilities:

The existing facilities include an administration building, a dining hall, and dorm rooms. The EMI team will provide an as-built of the existing buildings and analyze the conditions of the land and the facilities. A report will be prepared with the final analysis. The report will provide recommendations on the next steps regarding the facilities whether they require maintenance, demolition, or remodeling.

Phased Site Master Plan:

EMI will work with Eternal Anchor to consider the whole site and propose a phased masterplan for all future facilities taking into consideration the existing temporary and permanent structures and how they all tie together in the new plan.

Infrastructure Planning:

  • Electrical system and distribution on-site
  • Water distribution network
  • Wastewater and stormwater management

Building Design

The EMI team will work on developing the floor plans of the proposed buildings in phase 1 of the project in addition to remodeling plans for existing buildings as needed.


Architecture: Planning, Landscape, Gen. Arch.
Civil Engineering: Potable Water, Wastewater
Electrical Engineering: Power Distribution, Solar
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