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Become an integral part of planning and creating long-lasting change domestically and internationally. Grounded in our shared love for Jesus, your monthly contribution is a catalyst for delivering cost-effective designs for frontline Christian organizations, enabling access to clean water, reliable shelter, medical aid and quality education for those who need it most.

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Blueprints provide a detailed view of what is to be built. As a monthly donor of THE BLUEPRINT, you'll impact:

Domestic Projects

Our domestic projects provide essential design services right here at home. Your contribution will support Christian ministries across Canada, including in First Nations communities.

International Projects

With Christ firmly at the center of EMI’s work, our international projects provide essential design services that improve access to clean water, shelter, medical services, and education where the need is greatest.

Developing Future Leaders

We believe in the power of potential. Invest in the leaders of tomorrow by supporting Canadian and international design professionals as they apply their faith, foster learning, and serve the body of Christ worldwide.



You're Making a Consistent Impact

Like the steady lines of a blueprint, your monthly commitment ensures a stable foundation for projects, empowering lives consistently month after month.

You’re Designing Hope

Your contributions will support:

  • Domestic Projects: Strengthening Canadian communities.
  • International Projects: Spreading global change, one blueprint at a time.
  • Developing Future Leaders: Cultivating tomorrow's change-makers.

Receive Powerful Updates

As a part of THE BLUEPRINT, receive exclusive insights into our projects, hear stories of impact firsthand, and witness the tangible change your contribution brings.

Give Monthly

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Please consider Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as your payment option. Compared with Credit Cards, EFT (or e-check) significantly reduces EMI's overhead costs for donation processing.