Why are we doing this?

To raise up the next generation of Christian design professionals to be professionally competent and spiritually mature that they may be influencers in the Church and in the design profession worldwide.

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What is it?

The EMI Fellowship is a 2-3 year career-training programme for young design professionals. The Fellowship will continue to equip you both spiritually and professionally for long-term service in missions and/or to serve and minister within the context of a design firm.

When does it start?

The first class of fellows began in August 2019. We have seven fellows serving in four offices worldwide. EMI is working to implement this new programme across all EMI offices over the next few years. We are in the process of recruiting Canadian design professionals now to join our next group of fellows in August 2020.


"I didn’t realize I was praying for an EMI Fellowship until it materialized."
—Rachel Su, Civil Engineering Fellow, EMI Canada


What will the fellowship look like?

Key Spiritual Elements — growing as a follower of Jesus:

  • Biblical and Theological Training though an accredited Christian university.
  • Missions and Outreach Training
  • Spiritual Formation — discipleship groups and office devotionals
  • Long-term mentor relationships

Key Professional Elements — growing as a design professional:

  • Gain significant professional experience, training, and competence to advance fellows towards their professional goals (e.g. licensure requirements, professional interests, etc.)
  • Grow to manage and work independently on smaller design projects
  • Grow to coach and assist interns with design and drafting
  • Serve as a Project Leader Assistant — project budget, recruiting, co-lead on trips
  • Exposure to and familiarity with professional business practices (e.g. management, finance, project recruiting, budgeting, and practices unique to projects in the majority world)

Duration and Size

  • The Fellowship is 2-3 years in total. Fellows will spend their initial 1-2 years at EMI Canada plus 6-12 months in one of our other worldwide locations. Depending on professional discipline and career path, this may be adjusted or extended.
  • Depending on professional discipline and career path, this may be adjusted or extended
  • At the completion of programme, fellows interested in long-term staff opportunities may have additional steps within or outside of EMI in order to better prepare them for long-term service
  • EMI Canada is prayerfully looking for 2-3 fellows to join the programme each year, would you prayerfully consider joining us?

Funding and Costs

  • Support raising will be required to provide for costs including salary and startup expenses
  • EMI can provide coaching and support to help fellows through this process

Am I a good fit for this?

  • Do you desire long-term involvement with EMI while developing as a young professional?
  • Interested in being better equipped both professionally and spiritually to be an influencer within the design profession?
  • Note: Prior completion of an EMI internship is helpful but not required to be considered for the EMI Fellowship.

Express your interest online for Fellowship at EMI today!