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About EMI Canada Internships

EMI aims to provide young engineers and architects with an opportunity to use their gifts for design and problem solving to participate in building God’s kingdom in a meaningful, tangible way. An internship at EMI Canada gives students and recent graduates a chance to grow exponentially in their professional and spiritual journeys while meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and gaining a new appreciation for the worldwide body of Christ.

“When I was struggling to find purpose in my studies, EMI's internship program came up and I started to pray about it. Doing EMI for four months and having that practical experience and spiritual growth was an amazing opportunity. I think EMI is a vessel to show God’s provision through using our skills and abilities.”
—Eleanor Siow, 2015 Civil Engineering Intern

Programme Overview

An EMI internship provides multidisciplinary design experience in a faith environment. Explore God's call on your life by merging your education with your faith. EMI Canada interns will work primarily in our office in Calgary, Alberta. A typical internship term includes:

Orientation: An EMI Canada internship begins with interns learning more about EMI, including EMI’s history, vision, and core values. They also get to learn about some of the potential challenges and benefits of working and serving cross-culturally. Finally, interns are provided with an opportunity to discover themselves—their strengths/weaknesses, personalities and how they can best work alongside others as part of God’s plan to reach the world.

Project Trip: Early in the term, every EMI Canada intern will join a project trip to a developing country led by one of EMI Canada’s project leaders. These trips are generally 10-14 days including travel. Interning with EMI Canada means interns could end up on a project trip to almost anywhere in the world!

Office Experience: Following the project, an intern’s time is spent in the EMI Canada office producing a report, drawings and renderings for their assigned project. Interns are given varying responsibilities depending on discipline, education and experience. They gain experience with design software (AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, etc.) and work with design professionals from a variety of disciplines to gain a complete understanding of the project. Interns are instrumental in completing EMI’s project work.

Spiritual Growth: One of the focuses of an EMI internship is to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ while growing professionally as an engineer or architect. The EMI Canada office takes time each morning for prayer and Bible study, assigns each intern a spiritual mentor, and provides various opportunities for service outside of EMI.

Calgary Fun: Each term includes a few activities considered unique to Calgary and/or Canada. This includes some combination of curling, skating, hockey, milkshakes and burgers at the famous Peter’s Drive-In, the Calgary Stampede, and a visit to Banff National Park. Interns are also asked to help with EMI Canada fundraisers, which may include missions conferences, the Calgary Marathon, the Ride for Refuge, or the annual Dessert Evening. All of these activities will vary depending on the term.

Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship

Q: How do I apply for an EMI internship?
A: Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship online. You will need to create or log-in to your EMI account to pre-apply for an EMI Internship.

Q: Where will I be living?
A: EMI Canada interns will stay in one of two places—either in the EMI Canada Intern Duplex or with a trusted billet family. Female interns will only stay with other female interns, and males with males. The Intern Director will confirm the arrangements before your arrival. Quoted intern costs include rent, but not food.

Q: What is the office routine like?
A: EMI Canada standard office hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm. Prayer and devotion time is at 9am, with lunch at 12pm. Interns spend most of their time working on their project, which often involves individual work, meetings with the project leader, and remote correspondence with project trip volunteers.

Q: What about after office hours?
A: Interns often spend a lot of time hanging out with each other outside of the office. There are also occasional activities planned for the staff and interns (see ‘Calgary Fun’), EMI Canada fundraisers and other opportunities to serve with local ministries. Interns also often get involved with a local church or young adults group.

Q: Do I need to speak French?
A: No, all office conversation is in English.

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: Yes! Interns are welcome to have family or friends visit, so long as the visit does not require spending a significant amount of time away from the office. If an intern is expecting a visitor or planning a trip, he or she should check with the EMI Canada Intern Director before making any official arrangements.

Q: How do I get around in Calgary?
A: If you wish, you can bring your own car. If not, EMI will help you with public transportation.

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