About EMI India Internships

We aim for 50% South Asians and 50% Internationals in India Internships. South Asian interns have a great opportunity to learn from international design professionals and International interns have opportunities to explore the culture & customs of India. The relationships you build will last a lifetime!

We aim to provide an internship program to train young Engineers and Architects to serve the poor with their specialized skill set. We offer internship programs from 2 to 6 months long. In this program, we aim for a ratio of at least 50:50 Indian and International applicants. This unique program offers professional learning opportunities with Indian and International design professionals in a truly multicultural team and living experience in Delhi.

"At EMI, I saw and felt God’s love and presence daily—through the precious friendships that were forged in Christ, through the spiritual discipleship and mentors, and seeing how God uses the skills He gave us to glorify His Kingdom work."
—Ann Mathew, 2017-18 Architecture Intern

South Asian Interns

Each term begins with an orientation session for a week. In this session you get to learn about EMI’s history, vision, office policies, and living in Delhi. You will get to explore the neighbourhood. During the orientation week, interns also get to spend time with each of the staff members and their families and learn about their lives.

Post-orientation, interns gain more insights on each project they will work on that term, meet with their respective project leaders and team members to discuss the project and client needs. Interns will travel with the team lead by their project leader and volunteers. At the project site outside Delhi, they spend time with the client to develop the best design to suit the client’s needs.

Interns assist and collaborate with senior professionals on the project trip and in the office to develop appropriate designs. This includes researching design options, AUTOCAD drafting, and report writing. Working under senior professionals, interns have a key, “hands-on” role in completing the report and drawings for the client.

EMI India interns have the opportunity to develop spiritually. EMI's Christian community seeks to encourage and challenge one another in their walk with God. Staff and interns take turns leading daily morning devotionals where we worship, spend time in the Word, and pray together.

Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to intern with EMI in India. I was not only able to engage in a different culture and gain valuable skills in engineering, but I also learned more about myself and grew closer to Christ during my internship. My experience with EMI profoundly shaped my life.”
—Seth Brown, 2014 Engineering Intern

International Interns

After EMI’s intern orientation, you'll be traveling across India with your project leader on the way to your first project trip. In the field, you'll join a team of volunteer design professionals to serve a ministry in their development needs. Afterward at EMI India, you'll find a routine which will help you feel at home and where relationships get space to grow. You'll experience God as you step out to serve His people & learn the ropes of ministry with EMI. Other highlights: Indian culture (with Indian festivals year round), an intern group road-trip to a nearby city, and intern holidays for trekking in the mountains or exploring Rajasthan or...

Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship

Q: How do I apply for an EMI internship?
A: Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship online. You will need to create or log-in to your EMI account to pre-apply for an EMI Internship.

Q: Where will I be living?
A: Delhi, India's capital, a thriving megacity & hub for politics, travel & business. If you have never lived in Delhi before, there are endless opportunities and over a hundred metro stops to see the different sides & sights of the city. Delhi covers the extremes of living in North India – from brisk & foggy winters to the peak temperatures of dry summers to the daily humidifying rainstorms of monsoon. Interns stay in men’s or women’s flats which are located within walking distance of the EMI office.

Q: What is the office routine like?
A: Daily working hours are 8:30 to 5:30 Monday-Friday. We begin each morning with a devotion and the dress code is sharp-professional. North Indian food is provided for the lunch break at 1:00 -2:00 p.m.

EMI India is a team-based, open-office atmosphere where interns fill just about every conceivable role in addition to helping within their field of study. The intern’s primary task is to help produce the drawings and report for the project(s) that they participate on. Using Excel / Word / AutoCAD / Sketch-up / Photoshop to develop plans or make red-mark revisions to reports is common. Technical guidance and mentoring comes from EMI staff & volunteers that attend your project trip or manage the design work in the office.

Q: What about after office hours?
A: Delhi is a huge city to explore with layer upon layer of history. So much is happening now, and there is always something new for tonight. Getting involved in the Christian community through a local church is great way to bless people & explore your gifts in ministry. Some interns have taken Hindi classes or tutoring to start learning the language. During Intern holiday, there are plenty of destinations to choose from – Golden Temple, Taj Mahal, wildlife parks, the Goan beach, Himalayan treks – all of India is accessible from Delhi.

Q: Do I need to speak Hindi?
A: No. The office environment is generally in the English language, though Hindi is also spoken. The majority of client interactions are also in English. Both Hindi & English are official languages of India and many Indians speak English well, or would love to practice with you. If you're interested in learning, Hindi is not an extremely difficult language & knowing some Hindi can be an asset. You can take initial steps to learn during your internship and make a practical plan for your time in Delhi.

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: Yes. In fact, we highly recommend it. However, project trips, publishing deadlines, and other events are scheduled well before your internship starts. The flexibility in visitor timing may be limited or visitors may need to come during your holiday period. Giving advance notice of possible visitors works best. Having someone from home or a good friend visit will deepen your relationship and also build understanding about what you are experiencing.

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