EMI Cambodia mobilizes teams of staff and volunteer design professionals to provide architecture & engineering services. EMI Cambodia’s in-country design team includes a wide variety of nationalities, experience and areas of expertise, is licensed in Cambodia and abroad, has project experience on 3 different continents with hundreds of clients—and all that before we tap our international network of volunteer design professionals. You can be certain we will put together a design team that will be able to meet your needs while understanding your local context.

We are also familiar with the financial limitations many clients face and understand how to phase a design to best serve our clients’ short-term and long-term needs. No matter your timeline, circumstances or limitations – we want to discuss how we can partner with you to meet your organization’s goals.

EMI’s Technical Assistance Pre-Application is the first step of the project approval process. It is followed by a free consultation meeting with each client to define the project’s design needs, timing and expectations.

EMI Cambodia’s architecture & engineering services include:

  • Site Selection and Recommendation
  • Site Master Plan Concepts
  • Initial Construction Budget
  • Fundraising Graphics
  • Site Phasing Plans
  • Building Concept Designs
  • Detailed Building Designs
  • Feasibility Studies
Civil Engineering
  • Water Collection and Distribution Systems
  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems
  • Site Development
  • Master Planning
  • Stormwater Management
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Construction Surveying
  • Aerial Imaging
Structural Engineering
  • Building Structural Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Existing Structure Evaluations
  • Bridge Design

We use the latest software and technology tools such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, Bluebeam, and Sketchup to visualize and refine our clients’ vision digitally before any money is spent in construction.

Work Samples

Conceptual Erosion Mitigation Plan

EMI Cambodia mobilises teams of staff and volunteer design professionals to provide construction support services for approved development projects. EMI’s Technical Assistance Pre-Application is the first step of the project approval process.

The construction of a building is often one of the most costly undertakings a ministry will ever face. The entire process is filled with decisions that can have significant long term consequences. Knowing who to trust and obtaining wise advice when making these decisions is of utmost importance. Having a knowledgeable construction professional as a part of the team helps protects your donors’ investment and provides assurances that the money is being spent wisely. Even better is when that construction professional understands and shares your motivation.

EMI Cambodia has operated in a number of different construction management roles, but the overarching idea is to support, encourage and help our clients in whatever way we can. A typical way that we do this is in the role of “Owners Representative”. This typically involves bridging the communication and technical gap between the contractor and the owner. This arrangement works well when the owner is quite busy, doesn’t have construction experience, or would like additional peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable person is looking out for their best interest. When we operate in this role we are on site as much as necessary to observe and document construction to the satisfaction of the owner. We are familiar with the plans and make regular observations to ensure the contractor is building according to plan, the construction quality is high, that any changes are documented and agreed upon by the owner and that the owner is getting what they have paid for. Our level of involvement is determined by the owner’s needs and the contractor’s capabilities. We can also attend meetings with the contractor, review and make recommendations on pay requests, and be available for any technical and design related questions or concerns.

Typical construction management services that we can provide are:

  • Construction Planning and Management
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Cost Estimating Review and Analysis
  • Change Order Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Dispute Resolution