We’ve come to the end of EMI Canada’s first term (T1) of 2022, and what a productive term it’s been!
It really feels like we’re entering a new season in our journey as an organization and community. As we celebrate EMI Canada’s 20th anniversary this year (and EMI’s 40th anniversary overall), we reflect on how God has grown us from a single staff member (Steve Ulrich) and two interns in a basement office in 2002, to where we are today.


On the project front, 2022 has been busy, with most of our staff and interns contributing to multiple projects throughout the term. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

Costa Rica - EMI Canada coordinated with EMI Nicaragua to provide a design team, which included two EMI Canada interns, to Arbol de Vida Ministries as they develop their ministry campus to serve and train local pastors. Last week, the team published and delivered the final design and report. Click here to read more about the project from the perspective of our intern, Catherine.

Liberia - EMI Canada staff travelled to Liberia in partnership with EMI South Africa to provide architecture and master planning assistance in growing SIM's ELWA Hospital's capacity to care for paediatric patients, and to train African surgeons through the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) program.
During that trip, EMI Canada staff also assisted the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) with the assessment of land for a tertiary medical services facility, and visited a property where Unity Christian Mission is considering construction for a new, larger school.

Malawi - EMI Canada staff travelled to Malawi to undertake a site assessment and visioning meetings for Urban Promise International (UPI), as they pursue their vision of a career and vocational university campus. UPI’s goal is to purchase and develop a 15-acre parcel of land near Lake Malawi to develop a campus that would serve local under-resourced communities, including student candidates graduating from UPI-affiliate high schools, as well as other UPI affiliates in neighboring countries. This project was also done in partnership with EMI South Africa.

Pakistan - EMI staff worked remotely to serve Orphan’s Hope International in the design of a community market store, the proceeds of which will support an orphanage housing 25 children. The project is now under construction.

Burundi Ubuntu Clinique is an impactful medical centre located in northwest Burundi that provides critical healthcare to thousands of people each year. EMI Canada is working on a remote basis with Jackson, Ubuntu’s founder, to provide a Needs Assessment in anticipation of Ubuntu expanding to a second property. Our small 5-person team, which includes two staff members, one intern, and two volunteers, continues to work collaboratively with Ubuntu on this project.

Canada - For many years, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Canada has partnered with Prairie College to provide aviation training and administrative leadership at the Praire Aviation Training Centre (PATC) in Three Hills, AB. EMI Canada worked with MAF to provide them with a Needs Assessment and growth options which would double their capacity to train new aviators and to store and maintain their aircraft.  


EMI Canada hosted two interns this term. Both have been key members of our office and have contributed to multiple projects, with the primary one being Arbol de Vida in Costa Rica, which they travelled to in February. Catherine was an architecture intern from the UK who recently returned home at the conclusion of this term. Sabrina is a civil engineering intern from South Africa who plans to stay with us until the end of August. We have been blessed to work and interact with both of them.

International Staff

Please remember Kathleen and Colin Wassenaar (Cambodia) in your prayers, as they embark on a Home Assignment this summer. Pray for safety in travel, good health, rest and rejuvenation, and meaningful connections with family, friends, and supporters.

Please also pray for Matt and Ashley Lammers (Uganda), who are expecting a baby in mid-June. Matt also asks for prayer for EMI Uganda as they seek discernment for longer-term goals and direction for the office.

Domestic Projects

EMI Canada continues to build relationships across Canada with ministry and community leaders, with the goal of increasing the capacity of frontline ministries and impacting communities - including Indigenous communities - in a positive way through improved facilities and infrastructure (water, sanitation, power, and transportation). Please pray for wisdom as we build and nurture relationships and develop our niche in Canada as a faith-based organization providing facility and infrastructure assessment, planning, and owner's advisor services.

Domestic Staff

With heavy but hope-filled hearts, we recently said good-bye to Allen Adrian, our Intern Coordinator, afer his valiant fight to overcome the long-term effects of Cystic Fibrosis. Please click here to read more of his story.

We are thankful to announce the official start of our newest staff member, Andrea Hestvik, in the part-time role of Program Coordinator - Domestic Projects. Andrea is a registered architect who has joined us with the expressed desire to grow EMI Canada'a impact right here in Canada. She's already contributed as a volunteer to our domestic work, and we look forward to adding her considerable capacity and professionalism to our team.

Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways you can be a part of the story God’s writing through EMI Canada:

  • Volunteer on an international project trip - EMI is mobilizing more and more international teams as ministries are restarting their much-needed capital project efforts. If you’re a design professional, keep an eye on upcoming EMI projects and consider volunteering.
  • Volunteer on a domestic project - We are developing new and creative ways for Canadian design professionals to contribute, right from home, on efforts that will increase the capacity of Canadian ministries and impact communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast. These will be posted on our website's projects page, but if you are simply curious or wish to contribute to these efforts in a more unique way, contact Andrea Hestvik (andrea.hestvik@emiworld.org) to find out more.
  • Consider our Internship and Fellowship programs - If you are or know of an early career design professional or an engineering or architecture student, consider our Internship and Fellowship programs, or spread the word.
  • Intern Coordinator Opportunity - We’re currently looking for a part-time volunteer Intern Coordinator. If you have a passion for helping young people get involved in missions, have a knack for managing administrative details, and believe in the work of EMI, this may be a good fit for you. Please email Greg Young at greg.young@emiworld.org for more information.
  • Financial Partnership - Consider partnering financially through a one-time or monthly recurring gift to EMI Canada. Giving to the EMI Canada Fund supports all that we do, and helps us move toward greater impact and sustainability. If you're interested in financially partnering for long-term sustainability and want to learn more about the EMI Canada Endowment Fund, please click here or contact Pam Meyers at pam.meyers@emiworld.org. Finally, if you’re currently supporting one of our staff members or interns, thank you!


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