Join us in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chapter of the EMI Network is a group of Christian design professionals (architects, engineers, surveyors, university staff, and professors, etc.) across the greater LA and surrounding areas.

During the pandemic, we have come together (through Zoom meetings) as a southern California region to open up more opportunities for connection, especially for those who may not live near other EMI volunteers. We have clusters of EMI volunteers in and around Los Angeles and across southern California.

Our goal is to provide a place for like-minded design professionals to connect and encourage one another in the integration of our faith and work. We encourage each other to volunteer our time and resources for the sake of Christ, both locally and internationally and share opportunities to do so. We support the work and mission of EMI and partner with other local ministries, organizations, and universities when we can.

Currently we are hosting Zoom meetings quarterly on the third Thursday of the month. To find out more or to join us, contact:

Garrett Mills:

Tyler Hadacek:


Become an EMI Network Rep

Are you part of the EMI Network? Have your travels with EMI influenced your view of this world and your profession? Are you excited to share about EMI’s ministry with your colleagues and other design professionals in your area?

The staff of EMI can’t do it all. We need you to help us promote EMI and build EMI Network Chapters in your area. Help disciple other design professionals take the next step toward engaging their skills and experience in ministry. Discover ways to support EMI’s people and projects as we grow into new areas.

Talk to us about becoming an EMI Rep – write to