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About EMI USA Internships

EMI aims to create opportunities for young designers to grow both spiritually and professionally. An internship with EMI USA is for students and recent graduates to join the body of believers around the world in the journey of building the Kingdom of God both physically and spiritually.

“Not only did I learn new skills spiritually and professionally through EMI, but I have been welcomed into the family that spans oceans and has a central goal of design, discipleship, and diversity for the glory and praise of our God.”
—Kim Spaulding, 2017 Architecture Intern

Programme Overview

An EMI internship provides hands on, cross cultural design experience while keeping Christ as the central focus. EMI USA interns will be located primarily in Colorado Springs, Colorado and includes the following:

Orientation: Each internship begins with an overview of EMI’s history, vision, mission, and core values. This time also will engage the benefits and challenges of working and serving cross culturally. This is a time that you will form bonds with your fellow interns as you prepare to serve alongside one another for the rest of the term.

Project Trip: Post orientation, you will join a team of volunteer design professionals made up of both western designers and local designers from the surrounding areas of the project. You will go to the project site for two weeks lead by an EMI project leader. These trips are generally 10-14 days including travel and could be anywhere in the world!

Office Experience: As you return from your project trip, you will work 40 hours a week in the Colorado Springs office. Each day begins with prayer and devotion and 10% of your time is dedicated towards discipleship. This includes mentorship, discipleship class, and service in the local community. The bulk of your time will be focused producing a set of design documents and design report. This work will help you gain experience with design software (AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, etc.) and work with a diverse design team.

Colorado Springs is Awesome!: While interning, you’ll be able to explore the great state of Colorado this has no shortage of outdoor activities right in the backyard. With 53 summits over 14,000 feet, beautiful natural forests, sand dunes, and thousands of hiking trails, you and your fellow interns will never run out of things to explore on the weekends.

Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship

Q: How do I apply for an EMI internship?
A: Pre-Apply for an EMI Internship online. You will need to create or log-in to your EMI account to pre-apply for an EMI Internship.

Q: Where will I be living?
A: Unless you know someone in Colorado Springs that you can live with, God will provide—you will most likely live with a staff member or friend of EMI. This would either be in an apartment, extra room, or basement where you would share the house with a family or group of singles. Your rent will be $250-$300 a month.

Q: What is the office routine like?
A: EMI USA is a business casual environment that functions in similar work hours as any other business. We begin each morning at 8:30 am with devotion and prayer and work until approximately 5:30 pm depending on your lunch break. Interns spend most of their time working on their project. This includes meetings with project leaders, coordination with volunteers, and individual work.

Q: What about after office hours?
A: After office hours are all yours! Interns typically hang out with each other to do a lot of exploring the city and state. You are more than welcome to get plugged-in to local churches and athletic leagues. There are often events with the staff, such as dinners and game nights that get coordinated throughout the semester.

Q: Can I have visitors?
A: YES! Family and friends are very welcome to come visit you. We do ask that it does not require a significant amount of time away from the office. If an intern is expecting a guest, they will need to check with their project leader and intern coordinator before making official arrangements.

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