Important message about the COVID-19 Coronavirus

In an effort to care for all of our personnel, families, and mission around the world, EMI has been taking a number of steps in response to the progress of COVID-19.

Location-specific Crisis Management Teams remain in place to monitor COVID developments, inform, and care for EMI personnel. Decisions about official EMI travel (including project travel) domestically and internationally are being made on a case-by-case basis by Office Directors in locations concerned. EMI’s worldwide offices remain in varying states of closure with personnel working remotely or from home.

We continue to actively monitor the situation and will respond to new information affecting our worldwide ministry and teams. We view the COVID-19 Coronavirus as an opportunity to live out the gospel and our faith in Jesus through the ministry of EMI.

The Washington state and Seattle area EMI Network(s) are design professionals from all over Washington state. Whether you’re a seasoned EMI volunteer or interested in going on your first trip, we’d love to meet you!

As opportunities present themselves in 2021, we’re connecting community across our state through digital (Zoom) gatherings. We have been meeting in person in the Seattle area for the last few years, getting to know each other and sharing project trip presentations. A cohort entered the Seattle Design Festival in 2020, partnering with EMI staff around the world. Moving forward, we hope to grow in supporting each other spiritually and learning technically, and even convening with other chapters and EMI offices.

Our dates for 2021 are set for:

August 13th, 5:30-7:30 PM – In person BBQ, RSVP: Lisa 425-445-8288 or the email below

Ron and Kerry van der Veen's Residence
5914 Upland Terrace South
Seattle 98118

October 14th-16th - EMI USA Conference in Nashville, TN & virtual - Registration is OPEN

November 11th - Hybrid Zoom & in person meeting

To join our mailing list, receive meeting invitations, or just ask about EMI please contact:

Lisa Ehli: (Seattle area)

Brandon McNerney: (Seattle area)


Become an EMI Network Rep

Are you part of the EMI Network? Have your travels with EMI influenced your view of this world and your profession? Are you excited to share about EMI’s ministry with your colleagues and other design professionals in your area?

The staff of EMI can’t do it all. We need you to help us promote EMI and build EMI Network Chapters in your area. Help disciple other design professionals take the next step toward engaging their skills and experience in ministry. Discover ways to support EMI’s people and projects as we grow into new areas.

Talk to us about becoming an EMI Rep – write to